Warm Line Guidelines

Please understand that the Warm Line is NOT a crisis line.

If you are in immediate crisis please contact: 911 or Local emergency room/ Local crisis centers.

When you agree to participate in Warm Line support you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agreed to follow the below stated rules and understanding of online chat support services. The Warm Line is not a substitute for other professionals that you currently see to receive support.

The decisions that you make during or after phone calls/or chat sessions are your own responsibility. Any “advice” you feel you are given should be taken simply as an opinion and not action for you to follow. We understand that you will always check with your professional support team for clinical or medical advice. The Warm Line is not able to give any medical or clinical advice.

The Warm Line wants to help people who disclose that they are hurting themselves or others; if you disclose that you intend to kill yourself or another, or that a child or elder has been abused we will do our best to get the appropriate help. This includes reporting pertinent identifying information to the appropriate agencies that can intervene on behalf of the one in danger. This includes and is not limited to 911, Police, Children’s Aid Society.

If during anytime of the conversation online you have a concern please email the coordinator at: WarmLine@progressplace.org

Thank you for understanding and agreeing to participate in keeping everyone safe.